Introducing -  Kristin Valentin…….a.k.a. Daughter of Harry and Joan

 Valentine…………. two of our own


When it was clear that our library building was ‘bursting at the seams’ 

Our patron saint of ‘The Spatial Rights of Books’

Resumed the spinning of her dreams


In conferring with the NH State ‘powers that be’

It was decided that the Friends of the Library

With their status of 501c3

Would spearhead the capital campaign building plea


Our Town had years earlier earmarked the land, and

The library capital reserve fund was, well, just grand

The next step, we knew, would demand  - 


 The ‘straps of our boots’

So the ‘New Library Development Committee’ sprung up from our roots


This committee voice said, “A new, larger library is what we must do”

And that same voice opined that we’d outgrown our sweet purple Logo too!



Thus began the saga of a new library Logo

Could cyber space just give us a ready-made one   -  to go?

The eventual answer to that was a resounding, “NO”

So creative verbal suggestions began to flow, and flow~~~and flow~~~~and flow~~~~~~


The group spawned a cornucopia of images ---  nuts and bolts…..and some wrenches

But ever elusive, was that thing called consensus


Finally, the task was passed on to the Trus  -  tees

Surely………….. they could do this with ease


To the rescue!   Our own Joan Valentine gave us a sign

“My daughter, Kristin, knows graphic design!”



Kristin graciously offered her skills to the Board

She visited and listened and took notes, galore

She created images of all our ideas  -  and more


We perused buildings and people of every configuration and design

Rivers, Roses, Rainbows  -  even books growing on vines

The growth theme was BIG  - we considered whole forests of trees

But, alas, no single image would all of us please             


Then, I pulled rank as chair of the Board

 I dropped Kristin a line……………..

“Could you give us some time, our thoughts to align?”


Perhaps Kristin knew all those choices would bring us to our knees

Because at our next collective brainstorm  -  we agreed!

On what really mattered   --------

And those things numbered but THREE


An M for    MADBURY

An embedded     BOOK

(And last, but not least)  A progressive - ‘suggesting movement’      LOOK


I met with Kristin in Portsmouth at Café Book and Bar ------ I’m not making this up!

She took in our new information, while tea was still hot in my cup

And then we just visited - till my lunch break was kaput                                                                                      


Honestly  -  I later fretted…………………that I had neglected


 To focus this young woman on the task at hand

And life can be humbling – something I fortunately understand

Because Kristin’s creative technological genius  -  like a sleight of hand

Soon produced our ideal Logo – as though on command!


Thank you, Kristin Valentine