Fairy Story by Indulis Gleske

Peter was really lost. The dirt road that was supposed to be a shortcut had turned into a rough track, and in trying to turn around, the car became irretrievably stuck. He should have tried to back out, to find a wider spot to turn, but he figured he could ease the car around. And probably would have, if in the twilight, he had not misjudged the depth of the ruts.

So, he was stuck on what was probably the wrong road, since this obviously was not the shortcut he had expected!  

It was very quiet, now, but he thought he heard running water nearby, and the occasional sound of a car passing on the main road. Take a chance, he thought, walk to the main road, only about half a mile back, try to catch a ride. He could always walk back to the car, wait until morning. No way he could make the reunion, now. The boys would probably be lost without him.

He got the wind-up L.L.Bean LED flashlight out of the glove box, cranked it up, and started the trek to the road. And was trekking back a half-hour later: pretty dumb to think that someone would stop for a geezer in green tights and pointy shoes on a remote road at night. 

Well, things could be worse. He stopped, turned off his flashlight, just to think in the quiet dark of the night. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, he thought he saw a dim, green glow moving around in the distance. And then he thought he heard a faint buzzing, like a bee. No, no, more like a hummingbird. cranked it up once more,

What the hell? He stepped forward, tripped, dropped the light, felt his head hit the ground, and saw the stars. As he sat up in a daze, his flashlight was somewhere in the dark, but the green glow and buzzing were still there. Damn! Am I nuts, or what? He thought he could dimly see his car in the green glow, and cautiously made his way towards it, carefully, carefully….  

Something went skittering away as he kicked it. Ah, the flashlight! Crawling around, he found it, turned it on. He could still hear the buzzing, but the LED light washed out the green glow.  

Now he could see the dirt track, and headed confidently toward his car. But wait, the car was facing back along the track! No, how could that be? The fall must have really messed up his brain. He went to the car, felt it, walked around it. Yes, it really had been turned about.  

But how? 

That buzzing….. 

The green glow….. 

The buzzing was growing fainter, the green glow moving away. 

Do I really believe it….? 

“Tink, Tink!” he called. “TINKER-Belle!!”  

But there was only darkness and silence……